Competent Bodies

The ECDC Founding Regulation states that ECDC in its relations with the Member States cooperates with the competent bodies operating in the technical field of ECDC, in particular in the area of surveillance (article 3, paragraph 2), responses to health threats (article 4), scientific opinions, scientific and technical assistance, collection of data and identification of emerging health threats (article 5, paragraph 4) and public information campaigns (article 12, paragraph 3).

Since 2012, a system is in place with a designated Coordinating Competent Body (CCB) in each Member State. Interactions between ECDC and the CCBs work at three levels based on a chain of delegations:

  1. High-level relational and coordination interactions between ECDC and the CCBs works at the level of a National Coordinator.
  2. Strategic and overarching interactions related to a specific disease group or public health function works at the level of National Focal Points.
  3. Technical and operational interactions related to specific area within the domains of a disease group or public health function works at the level of the Operational Contact Points.

Each Member State decides to which level it will delegate the interactions. The exact rules of the CCB system are outlined in an CCB implementation document  with Terms of Reference for the various actors as annexes.

Coordinating Competent Bodies