Data on testing for COVID-19 by week and country

27 Apr 2023

Please note: as of week 37, 2022, ECDC is discontinuing collection and publication of the number of subnational COVID-19 cases reported by EU/EEA countries. Hence, the datasets at the links below will be restricted to national data.

Subnational counts of cases, test performed and test positivity are available in the archived page (see link below).

The downloadable data file contains information about testing volume for COVID-19 by week and country. Each row contains the corresponding data for a country and a week. The file is updated weekly. You may use the data in line with ECDC’s copyright policy.

Source: The figures displayed for weekly testing rate and weekly test positivity are based on multiple data sources. The main source is data submitted by Member States to the European Surveillance System (TESSy), however, when not available, ECDC compiles data from public online sources. EU/EEA Member States report in TESSy all tests performed (i.e. both PCR and antigen tests).

The data displayed from public online sources have been automatically or manually retrieved (‘web-scraped’) on a daily basis. It should be noted that there are limitations to this type of data including that definitions vary and the data collection process requires constant adaptation to avoid to interrupted time series (i.e. due to modification of website pages, types of data).


ECDC copyright policy

Download the data:

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These files are not suitable to be viewed in web browsers. Please either right click on the file, choose “download file” and open with a suitable application, e.g. R, Python, or Excel, Spreadsheet or Notepad.

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