Keywords: Merkel cell carcinoma, MMC, diagnosis, treatment, radiotherapy, classification.


In XXI century Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a still very rare form of the skin cancer with an aggressive behavior. We present a case of 77-year-old female patient with a tumor with bluish skin, approx. 2 cm diameter, hard texture palpation of the right zygomatic area of the face. There were no enlarged lymph nodes in the head or neck. Tumor was surgically excised. The result of the histopathological examination including immunohistochemical tests allowed to diagnose Merkel cell carcinoma. After 6 months tumor recurrence was found. The right cheek tumor and the right lymphatic system of the neck was removed and radiotherapy was carried out. In  imaging examination no pathological changes were found. The patient have complained about dry eye syndrome as side effect o treatment. A literature review concerning risk factors, diagnostic difficulties, classification and treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma is presented and discussed. Randomized studies are required to clarify  diagnostic procedures, prognostic factors and  treatment in clinical stages of the disease


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