Requirements to the materials

The volume of materials for the collective monograph: 20000-22000 signs.

The volume of materials for the collection of conference materials (student section): 2000- 2200 signs.

Margins: top, right, left, bottom - 20 mm.

Headset: Times New Roman, size (size) 14, single line spacing, a paragraph 10 mm.

Formulas, tables, figures are made with the help of special editors MS Office. For figures and tables: Times New Roman, size 12, single line spacing, accommodation legend - below the figure. The source should be indicated under the tables and figures.

Tables should be titled and numbered in Arabic numerals. The arrangement of tables is not allowed in landscape format. The table width should not exceed the text width.

Mathematical formulas should be made in formula editor Microsoft Equation.

Materials can have two co-authors maximum.

The text should include results of the original research of the author/authors.

Materials for publication are accepted in English and the languages of the EU.

Using source references is obligatory.

References in English should be arranged according to international bibliographic standard APA (

The contents of articles, the credibility of data, facts, quotations, level of self-dependence of obtained results are entirely the responsibility of the authors of the articles.