Scientific Journal of PNAP publishes peer-reviewed original research articles and reviews on different aspects of philosophy, culture, pedagogics, politics, psychology, sociology, management, economics, finance, law, public policy, medicine, environment protection.


  • Humanities (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed)
  • Social Sciences (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed)
  • Medical Science (Open Submissions, Indexed, Peer Reviewed)


The scientific article received by the editors go through review. Forms of review articles: inner; external (double blind). Editor defines correspondence of article to the journal and sends it to the review expert, Dr. or PhD, which is close to the theme of the article scientific specialization. Timing review in each case is determined by managing editor to create conditions for the most rapid publication of the article.

In the review the following issues should be covered:

  • line content articles stated in the title of the topic;
  • Article conformity with modern scientific and theoretical thought;
  • availability of articles to readers, which is calculated in terms of language, style, material location, visibility tables, charts, drawings, etc. feasibility of publishing articles within existing publications on the subject;
  • determine the positive aspects and shortcomings of article, corrections and additions to be made by the author;
  • no borrowing from the work of other researchers without due reference to the latter;
  • opinion on the possibility of publishing the manuscript in the journal "recommended," "recommended considering correcting these deficiencies reviewer" or "not recommended."

Reviews are certified in accordance with the procedure established in the institution where he works reviewer. Positive reviews are not sufficient grounds for publishing articles. The final decision on requirement of the publication is accepted by the editorial board. The article of the authors that have no scientific degree and postgraduate students are accepted on a review of scientific leader or specialist with scientific degree in that field of knowledge. After the editorial board decision on admission of articles for publication executive secretary shall inform the author and indicate the timing of publication. The originals are kept in an editorial reviews and editorial board of the journal PNAP.


This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


This journal utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. More...


As part of the editorial policy of the Scientific Messenger of PNAP consistents with the publication of editorial standards COPE Code of Conduct, approved by the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

Materials are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board and / or third-party independent experts, based on the principle of objectivity and academic positions of higher international quality standards, and edited.

Editors reserve the right to stylistic editing of the manuscript. Edits consistent with author, because, according to the wording they may change the content of the text. The editorial board of the scientific journal reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet the requirements and subject of the collection. "

The views expressed in the articles and offers views do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board. The author are responsible for the accuracy of the information in the articles, the accuracy of names, statistics, names and citations are authors. The editorial board reserve the right to publish the small edition of literary texts and cuts, while preserving the author's style. Provided materials will not be returned and can not be published in other scientific journals.

In case of plagiarism authors are responsible for material provided.


The authors are reported by editorial that they bear full personal responsibility for the authenticity of the content of articles. In order to avoid borrowing or incorrect using of the research results of third persons parties, please comply with the authors of Ethics academic citation.


Submission of Manuscripts is 40 EUR up to 22 thousand characters.

The author (a team of authors) is supposed to receive one printed copy of PNAP. Additional printed copies of PNAP will cost 10 Euros per copy (if ordered in advance)

It is free to submit a manuscript to PNAP. The publication fee for the invited papers will be waived. If authors have a financial problem to support the publication, requests for waiver of charges can be submitted to