Publication Ethics

In the frames of the editorial policy of the Scientific Journal, PNAP follows consistently the editorial  standards of publishing COPE Code of Conduct, ,confirmed by  COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

The materials are reviewed by the editorial board’s members of publishing and/or by the strange independent experts, following the principle of the objectiveness and from the positions of the higher international academic standards of quality, and are edited.

The publishing house leaves the right for the stylistic correcting of the manuscript. The corrections, which, in the publishing house’s mind, can change the contents of the text, are coordinated with the author. The editorial board of the scientific publication leaves the right to reject the articles, not corresponding to the requirements and to the problems of the digest”.

The thoughts and proposals, mentioned in the articles, do not necessarily coincide with the editorial board’s point of view. The authors are responsible for the trustworthiness of information in the articles, the exactness of names, statistical data, surnames and quotations.  The publishing  house keeps the right for the insignificant literary editing of texts and reduction, with the preservation of the author’s style. The presented materials are not returned and cannot be printed in the other scientific journals.

In cases of plagiarism, the authors of the presented materials are responsible for them.