Communication guides on immunisation

Let’s talk about hesitancy: enhancing confidence in vaccination and uptake

Guidance - 25 Apr 2016

This guide provides practical evidence-based and peer-reviewed advice for public health programme managers and communicators involved with immunisation services. It identifies ways to enhance people’s confidence in vaccination and addresses common issues which underlie vaccination hesitancy.

Translation is not enough: cultural adaptation of health communication materials

Guidance - 25 Apr 2016

This guide introduces a five-step, stakeholder-based approach to adapting health communication materials. It describes how countries can take any health communication material and create adapted products which reflect national or local realities, needs and assets without losing the scientific correctness, core concepts and messages of the original version.

Measles and rubella elimination: communicating the importance of vaccination

Monitoring - 5 Aug 2014

​The goal of this project is to support EU Member States in their fight against measles and rubella. This report should enable Member States to engage in effective, evidence-based risk communication.